The Perfect Monday Night

Published On July 19, 2010 | By dominic | Uncategorized

For many, Monday is a write off. A day spent coping with being back at work. Not so for Racing enthusiasts! An Equine fan’s Monday evening is not wasted despairing that there are still four days left until the weekend, it doesn’t mean a hour of Corrie and Enders, and a trip to the gym to sweat out the weekend’s excess is certainly not on the menu. Well at least not in the summer months, when Monday means but one thing… Windsor’s evening meeting.

Finish work, catch the train to Windsor &¬†Eton, then hop aboard the boat. Just enough time to enjoy the idyllic scenery and a swift half of lager, then it’s off to the races. The staple diet of buying the double draw and a cheeky purchase of Frankie’s Jockey Index for the missus will do nicely. What more could you ask for as you enjoy a glorious sunset in Berkshire?

Those unable to make it to the track are guaranteed the company of McCririck and Dennis on ATR as they phone Star to ask for the Double Numbers and Distances. Some even request a bespoke Match Bet or two. Not the 1 box versus the 15 though if you don’t mind.

If it isn’t already as synonomous with the start of the week as the King George is with a Boxing Day hangover, it surely will be soon. One of the great things about loving this game is that Monday counts as well!

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