Fixed Odds

Who we are

The UK’s leading luxury bookmaker, Star Sports was launched as Star Racing in 1999. With the acquisition of independent bookmakers Vickers, Waldron and Turner & Kendrick, the company soon outgrew its on-course roots. Now based in Brighton, Star Racing was rebranded in the summer of 2009 to reflect this growth and the wider portfolio of services offered to its clients. As befits the most exclusive private bookmaker in the world, we are justifiably proud of our fantastic team.

What we do

Star Sports offers a range of boutique bookmaking services to its discerning clients:

Credit Betting
Experience the best fixed-odds telephone betting service in the industry with one of our credit accounts. Click here to learn more about credit betting.

Debit Betting
Experience the best fixed-odds telephone betting service in the industry with one of our debit accounts. Click here to learn more about debit betting.

Star Sports accommodates some of the largest bets in the industry and is delighted to offer an exclusive hedging facility to bookmakers needing to reduce their exposure. Select ‘Hedging’ below to learn more about our hedging service.

How we are different

Star Sports is truly the “delicatessen” of bookmakers. Exclusive, discrete, personalised, high-quality bookmaking in an industry run by faceless chains.

We pride ourselves on our first-class team and all your calls will be answered by experienced traders. No more having to spell out your horse’s name or waiting on hold for “a manager” to approve your bet!

As well as offering the highest quality bookmaking service in the world, we also accommodate some of the largest bets struck in the industry. Star Sports offers a string of permanent betting concessions and we regularly reward our clients for their loyalty; we open many accounts through word of mouth and are happy to incentivise any client looking to make introductions.

Our clients

Star Sports has a client list of thousands from all over the world and continues to grow on its reputation of excellence, integrity and professionalism.

Our commitment to laying the largest bets in the industry attracts some of the most serious high-stakers in the world.

Commitment and Concessions

Star Sports takes customer service extremely seriously and one of our experienced traders is always on hand to answer any queries you may have.

Please see below for our fantastic permanent betting concessions:

We pay first past the post and the official result.
Treble the odds for 1 winner on all horse racing lucky 15’s.
All forecasts that pay over £5 we round up to the next £1.
All tricasts are rounded up to the next £5.
No 5p Rule 4 deduction.

(All concessions applicable up to a maximum stake of £200).

Hedging Facility

As the fastest growing and most exclusive private bookmaker in the world, Star Sports is delighted to offer you an exclusive hedging facility. We continue to grow on the back of our reputation for offering not just a quality service, but also by accommodating some of the largest bets struck in the industry and rewarding the loyalty of our clients. So, if you are interested in opening a hedging account, call 08000 521 321 today.

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