Praise The Lord, It's A Miracle!

Published On August 13, 2010 | By dominic | Uncategorized

In all of my time in the spread betting game, I had never seen it. I had heard that it happened once years ago, in the days of the three point spread for goals and supremacy, but never knew whether to believe it. Then, today, Friday the 13th of all days, it happened right before my eyes.


Minutes after taking a two grand sell of Tottenham and West Ham Prem Points, the phone rang. It didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary, just a routine call about some long term markets. Then…

“What price Tottenham Points?”

My first thoughts were of a scenario around Christmas time, when a mid table Spurs team were knackered after departing the UCL at the group stage, a squad depleted by injuries, Peter Crouch having quit the game to become a Monk after Abby Clancy gave him the heave-ho, and us at Star Spreads wondering how we had gotten so long of these here Spurs points…

“Buy two thousand” said the voice.

And there it was. A lock in.

When the conversation ended, and we had checked the tape to confirm everything was as it seemed, the Star Spreads team took the phones off the hook and went outside for an operatic sing song, as is customary on such occasions…

I come in around 1:13, in case you were wondering.

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