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Our offers are proving popular so we’ve improved them even further for this weekend.


Buy or sell supremacy or totals in any football, rugby or NFL match this weekend and get a spread free bet to the same stake on a supremacy or totals bet on the same sport (must be on the same call).

i.e. If you bought Chelsea/Wolves supremacy at 2.1 you could buy or sell Man Utd/Newcastle supremacy at the 1.45 mid-point for up to the same stake.

If you bought total points at 39 in Houston v Jacksonville you could buy or sell total points in Oakland v Chicago at the 41.5 mid-point for up to the same stake.


Stoke v Blackburn

Sat 12.45pm live on Sky Sports 2

Stoke/Blackburn                   0.6-0.8

Total Goals                          2.65-2.85


Sat 3pm

Chelsea/Wolves                  1.9-2.1

Total Goals                          3.2-3.4


Man U/Newcastle           1.35-1.55

Total Goals                          2.8-3.0


Tottenham/WBA (h)       0.55-0.75

Total Goals                         2.75-2.95


Everton/Bolton (h)            0.1-0.3

Total Goals                          2.7-2.9


Norwich/QPR                    0.15-0.35

Total Goals                             2.7-2.9


Sunderland/Wigan            0.7-0.9

Total Goals                          2.6-2.8


Arsenal v Fulham

Sat 5.30pm live on ESPN

Arsenal/Fulham                    1.2-1.4

Total Goals                         2.95-3.15


Swansea v Aston Villa

Sun 1.30pm live on Sky Sports 1

Swansea/Aston Villa        0.15-0.35

Total Goals                         2.45-2.65


Liverpool v Man City

Sun 4pm live on Sky Sports 1

Man City/Liverpool (h)     0.0-0.2

Total Goals                         2.75-2.95


Gloucester v Leicester

Sat 2.15pm Live ESPN

Gloucester/Leicester           8-11

Total Points                        43-46


Northampton v Saracens

Sat 5pm Live on Sky Sports 1

Northamp./Saracens           3-6

Total Points                        39-43


Barbarian v Australia

Sat 2.35pm Live on Sky Sports 1

Australia/Barbarians h      8-11

Total Points                        55-58


Jacksonville v Houston

Sun 6pm live on Sky Sports 3

Houston/Jacksonv. (h)        5-7

Total Points                        36-39


Oakland v Chicago

Sun 9.05pm live on Sky

Oakland/Chicago                   3-5

Total Points                         40-43



SP SPecial from Star Spreads


Buy a horse in a 50 Index this Saturday and Sunday and if it wins we’ll add it’s Starting Price to the 50 points you get for the win.

So if you buy Prince Tom at 12 for £10 in the 2.45 Newbury today and he wins with a SP of 10 to 1  you would win your normal 38 units or £380 plus a 10 unit bonus of £100.


3.10 Newbury


Great Endeavour             11-14

Wayward Prince              10-13

Aiteen Thirtythree          10-13

Michel Le Bon                   9-12

Wymott                               8-11

Planet of Sound                  7-9

Beshabar                             6-8

Sarando                               6-8

Carruthers                          5-7

Tullamore Dew                 4-6

The Giant Bolster            4-6

Muirhead                            4-6

Neptune Collonges        2-4

Fair Along                           2-4

Billie Magern                    2-4

Blazing Bailey                    2-4

Qhilimar                              1-3

Balthazar King                   1-3

50 Indices available on all UK races

Rule 4 applies if any non-runners

Maximum bonus per race=£5000


All prices subject to fluctuation.

Many more markets available.



Weekend Opening Hours

Sat 9am-11pm

Sun 10am-12pm

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