An Utter Disgrace

Published On February 17, 2012 | By dominic | Alan

I just want to give my thoughts on the cancelled rugby match the other day. For those of you who haven’t been following it, Ireland were set to play France last weekend. The players (and, more importantly, the fans) had travelled to Paris and were all set to kick off – ten minutes before kick off the match was cancelled due to the condition of the pitch.

Now not many things make me cross, but this had my blood boiling. The cynical among you will say that it is because I felt REALLY good about my Ireland + 10 bet. I promise you that it is not for that reason. Even though Ireland are now available at best price of + 8. It really isn’t that at all.

I just feel so, so sorry for those poor, poor fans who travelled all the way there. They took the time to travel there, time away from their families; they paid for the tickets and the flights; they got all excited about the game… only to have it snatched away from the TEN MINUTES before the off.

The way it was handled was a disgrace. How could the authorities not have known any earlier that the pitch wasn’t going to be suitable? Surely an international rugby pitch should have undersoil heating (rather than just pumping warm air in under a cover)?

The Captain is not amused. Come on lads – let’s not let this happen again.

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