Will They Make a Movie of That?

Published On February 25, 2012 | By dominic | James

Everyone thought the premiership stars of the Ivory Coast team would walk away with the African Cup of Nations but it was not to be. Drogba missed a penalty in the final and tried to blame the penalty spot (the first 10 penalties were all scored in the penalty shootout). Their opponents in the final were Zambia “the copper bullets” who were playing for the memory of the 18 Zambian players who died in Gabon in a plane crash in 1993, close to the final venue in Libreville.

It was another Africa Cup of Nations Final that ended 0-0 and extra time couldn’t produce a goal either. An exciting penalty shootout left Zambia the deserved 8-7 winners. I say deserved because Ivory Coast had a penalty saved that had to be retaken as the keeper left his line early, which both keepers subsequently did for every penalty that followed.

I know it’s not “Invictus” and, as the average Joe doesn’t even know that Zambia won the title in their comrade’s honour, this tale might never make the silver screen. Ivory Coast have a chance to redeem themselves next year as the 4 year cycle is to be shuffled; that’ll really miff the big spenders of the Premier League whose African players who will need to take another 4 week sabbatical mid-season. Will they make a movie of Zambia’s victory, well right about now I’m fifty-fifty.

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