The Gold Coup!

Published On March 3, 2012 | By dominic | Alan

This Gold Cup is really doing my head in. Everything is being built up as Kauto Star v Long Run. Everywhere you turn these two supposed superstars are dominating the headlines. It’s Kauto this, Long Run that… You’d think they were the only two horses in the race.

Everything else has been overlooked, and my value radar is twitching. My value antennae are quivering. I’m no racing expert, but I know that the value is to oppose popular opinion. So let’s look past the front two and see if we can make some money.

Now I’m no fool. I’m not saying that Kauto star and Long Run aren’t the two best horses in the race. But are they value at 6/4 and 4/1 respectively? Could the likes of Wierd Al (named after the skipper himself) at 14/1, Midnight Chase at 16/1 or Quel Esprit at 16/1 be better bets?

Let’s not forget the Gold Cup in 2010, where Kauto went off 8/11 and Denman went off as 4/1 second fav… The market overlooked all the others, only to see Imperial Commander put them back in their box and romp home by 7 lengths.

So today I’m not putting up a bet, but I’m giving general gambling advice. Don’t be too fast to lump on these so called good things. This is Cheltenham after all…

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