Adios Kev and Ralph

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Adios Kev and Ralph

Wednesday 28th July

It’s the end of an era at the Santiago Bernie Inn, as Jose-Maria-Gutierrez-Kevin and Ralph Gonzalez leave Madrid for Besiktas and Schalke respectively. They had been part of the furniture for over a decade, but you wouldn’t expect two players used to holding more sway than the coach to last long under Jose Mourinho… and they didn’t.

As ‘Special Ones’ go however, these two goals take some beating. Behold the Raul ‘Scoop’ and the Guti ‘Assist of the Century’…

Maybe Fabio Capello will notice that these two legends at club level didn’t fit into the system used by the national side, and were jettisoned in 2006. Look where it got Spain!

Some argue that, despite almost the entire squad of the current World Cup and European Championship holders being on show, not to mention Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and the two most succesful managers in modern times, the English Premier League edges it’s Spanish equivalent in terms of quality and excitement…


La Liga reconvenes on August 28th. Star Spreads’ opening hours will be extended to cover the Saturday Night extravaganza’s of football skill and studio banter that will ensue.

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