It's Just Not Cricket!

Published On August 6, 2010 | By dominic | Cricket

In the brief history of spread betting there have been a few strategies deployed to bag a profit… buying lengths in soft ground was one, rag corner supremacy worked for a while, and getting with the total games when two big servers are on court, well that goes without saying. Another ploy has been discovered… OPPOSE PAKISTAN AT ANY LEVEL.

And dont we know it.

Star punters made a beeline for the phone as soon as the series markets were released to deliver a bodyline style barrage of shrewd bets for us to fend off. Our opening partnership of Farhat and Butt Series Runs were blown away by devestating three figure sells, while the middle order of Pakistan 100 Index, Ton Ups and Series wins just couldn’t cope with metronomic line and length of constant and sizeable opposition. All that was left was the vain hope of a wagging tail, but after being mesmerised by the mystery spin of Eng/Pak Series Runs buyers, three successive Pakistan Innings of which we were long were enough to send nine ten and jack back to the pavillion.

Star Spreads all out for not many.

Here is how that succession of unplayable bets might look in terms of a real cricket match…

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