Pass The Salt, Star's Wounds Need A Rub

Published On August 29, 2010 | By dominic | Uncategorized

Pass The Salt, Star’s Wounds Need A Rub

Sunday 29th August

As documented in our post of August 6th, Star had been up against it from day one of the England v Pakistan Series. One of our shrewdist clients got stuck in to the long term markets, opposing the visitors at any price. A tidy sum, around 40% of the amount it takes to fix a test match, is on its way to his bank account. Fair enough, when you pride yourself on laying bets in the size most spread firms run away from, you are going to take a hit every now and then. What you don’t need is a best selling Sunday paper devoting its front nine pages to giving you the rub down!

Star’s traders were choking on their cornflakes as they digested news of Pakistan’s alleged corruption. Our favourite cricketing stroke is the extravagant leave, but that Salman Butt’s use of the shot may have had more to do with ensuring a maiden over bet copped than digging in for the team sticks in the throat a little. At least we don’t make a market on no balls…

Suffice to say we are glad to see the back of that series. Well played to those with the foresight to oppose Pakistan. Just dont expect a case of wine if you refer a friend who goes by the name of Mazhar Majeed…

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