International Honours Even At Half Time

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International Honours Even At Half Time

Saturday 4th September

Star and their clientel played out a hard fought draw in the first leg of the UEFA 2012 qualifiers on Friday night, as the pain of England’s four goal defeat of Bulgaria was nullified by shock victories for Belarus and Northern Ireland in France and Slovenia respectively.

Pundits that had criticized Fabio Capello in the lead up to Fridays match for a lack of changes after the South Africa debacle were eating their words within three minutes of kick off, when Jermain Defoe gave England the lead. Buyers of the supremacy at 1.7 were rewarded by two further goals from the Spurs frontman in the second half, with Adam Johnson chipping in with his first international goal to contribute to a £25,000 loss on England/Bulgaria. Star can at least feel they dodged a bullet in the Player Goal Minutes market, as Gerrard and Rooney were the preferred purchases of the night.

In contrast to England’s step in the right direction, France sunk further into the abyss with a 1-0 home defeat to Belarus. Star fielded a £7,000 buy of Les Bleus at 1.55 and this, coupled with a decent sized buy of Slovenia/Northern Ireland at 1.1, went some way to paying for the hammering Bulgaria and ourselves took down Wembley Way.

As all managers are eager to state at this stage of a two legged affair, it is only half time and there is a lot of work still to be done. Battle recommences on Tuesday…

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