NFL Divisional Round Review

Published On January 20, 2012 | By dominic | Alex

NFL Betting Review

2-1 on my picks last week as this betting blog bangs in another winning week. Let’s have a look at the games:

Big Bet 1: SF +3.5

Result SF 36 : 32 NO

From last week’s blog: “ I fancy the 49ers to win this one outright. The three and a half is just a bonus – SF are Fo’ Real.”. SF obliged with Alex Smith throwing a TD to Vernon Davis as time expired. Davis ran off the pitch with tears streaming down his face. LOVE IT.

Big Bet 2: DEN +13.5

Result DEN 10 : 45 NE

Hmm. This one didn’t go according to plan and the Pats had this one sown up by the 2nd quarter. The non-Messiah Tim Tebow posted a risible 9-24 line and the Broncos were battered. Moving on…

Big Bet 3: HOU +7.5

Result HOU 13 : 20 BAL

This is why you always try to get on the right side of the “big number” when betting on the NFL. To be honest, the Texans could have won this outright, but a couple of rookie-QB-on-the-road-in-the-playoffs picks into double coverage put them away.

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