The Key to Becoming a Profitable Gambler

Published On February 29, 2012 | By dominic | Lee Hurley

This was an interesting question put to me by a friend of mine who is a professional poker player and to be honest I really don’t know.

I suppose you obviously need to have a certain amount of skill with regard to odds and stats but, at the same time, I personally would not see this as being the most difficult issue to master (although it has to be said that someone with no skill in mathematics may find this an extremely difficult task).

It is a strange question because I believe there are many answers but I would imagine the hardest thing to control especially when dealing with betting is money management. If on any certain day you do really well and win lots of money the temptation is there to either increase your bets or go wild and spend all your money of a holiday or a car or a brand new luxurious packet of Mars bars (all depending on how much you like to bet I suppose).

However, I would begin with a word of caution in this regard. Just as you have had a nice winning run, the losing run will inevitably come so what I would suggest is bank the cash hold out and then when the losing run starts you can keep your account topped up. Then at the end of the year or every six months, if you are in profit, you can take a percentage portion of your winnings and buy something nice just so you can see the reward for being disciplined when it matters the most.

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