The North London Derby

Published On February 28, 2012 | By dominic | Alan

I know this betting blog is supposed to give gambling advice BEFORE the event, but I’m going to break tradition today and tell you about a very satisfying winning bet that I had a few days ago.

All week I had fancied having a big bet on Arsenal to beat Tottenham at home at around 6-4. This North London derby was being built up as a real power shift. Spurs went in with all the “momentum” and all the public attention (two trends that I usually look to oppose with my bets).

It’s always good to go against public opinion with your big bets, so I went in with a big bet on the team in red.

It wasn’t an easy game to watch, as you can imagine. With Arsenal two nill down I began to feel very stupid. I began to think that the papers and the guys down the pub knew what was going to happen and that I was getting too clever for my own good.

I didn’t panic, though, as I knew my bet was good value (or at least, had been good value at 0-0!). You all know what happened next – Arsenal, led by the peerless RVP, roared back to win 5-2 and the captain’s girlfriend was treated to a slap-up meal with the winnings.

So never be afraid to stick to your guns when you’re having big bets. I knew that Arsenal were under-rated and that being at home in such a big game wasn’t fully in the price. You won’t always be bailed out by five straight goals, but you’ll come out ahead in the end.

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