VERY Early NFL Thoughts

Published On March 1, 2012 | By dominic | Alex

I know, I know. The Super Bowl is only a week old but already I’m getting itchy feet (hands? fingers?).

That’s right, I’ve been looking at the early Super Bowl prices for next year. Here are my thoughts.

Five Teams I’d Be Looking To Back

1. Pittsburgh Steelers 16-1: You could make the case they were the best team last year.

2. San Francisco 49ers 20-1: Should have beaten the Giants and I’d have really fancied them against that mistake-prone Pats squad.

3. Atlanta Falcons 28-1: Perennial forgotten men of the NFC are always value in my book.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars 150-1: Absolutely decimated by injuries last year and I don’t fancy the other three in their div.

5. Kansas City Chiefs 66-1: Also suffered a lot of injuries at key positions. Also in a weak division. This could be your sleeper team next year.

Five Teams I’d Be Looking To Lay

1. San Diego Chargers 20-1: Note to Vegas / British bookmakers: THEY ARE NOT A GOOD TEAM.

2. Houston Texans 12-1: I’d like to back this team, to be honest. At 33s. Trust me, the Texans are going to be everyone’s “sleeper” or “dark horse” by early summer. Steer well clear.

3. Indianapolis Colts 100-1: Their problems run far deeper than the neck of Peyton Manning. This is a dreadful team. 100-1? I’d rather have a lottery ticket.

4. Oakland Raiders 66-1: Let me get this straight: an already threadbare squad gave up a 1st and a 2nd round draft pick to trade for a WORSE QB than the guy they had already. 66-1? Give me a break. These clowns shouldn’t be 66-1 for the division, let alone the bowl.

5. New York Jets 33-1: There are big problems for New Jersey B. The coach, QB and first string WR aren’t on speaking terms. The hall-of-fame-bound RB is throwing his colleagues under the bus. They have been eclipsed by their brothers in blue. Wouldn’t touch this mob with a barge pole.

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