Arsenal v Everton – Make It Rain

Published On April 16, 2013 | By dominic | Tony

These selections aren’t going to make me rich, but I do think that I’ll be swanning around Temple Bar this weekend making it rain in the club off the back of my winnings!

Not often I’d get involved in the spread-betting as I generally don’t touch it unless I have a bit of an edge. That’s not the case today, mind you, but I feel good! The weather is getting better, the girls’ skirts are getting a bit shorter, and the days are getting longer, so I’m going to put my feet up tonight, have a nice bourbon and a cigar back at my man-cave, and I’m going to watch my team, the Gunners, earn T-Bone a new pair of shoes by beating the Toffee’s.

Bear in mind I’m not advising any of you to follow me in. On the contrary, it will most likely be T-Bone who is wallowing in his bathrobe when 9.30 comes around as Arsenal concede a last-minute corner and Jelavic smashes in a goal with that sweaty Croatian head of his. But I’m going to remain the eternal optimist and believe that Arsenal will get the job done.

Now let us have a look at my big bets for the game…

Selling the total bookings at 38

For a Tuesday evening game that features a team that is currently top of the Fair Play league table (Arsenal), I think the bookings quote is too high in this one. These two teams are very close in the league and there is certainly a lot to play for, but I don’t think there’ll be much a kick-off and I feel that this game will be played in good spirits.

Buying Santi Cazorla goal minutes at 18

I’ve had a good look at the player goal minutes market across both of the firms, and while I like Giroud’s chances of scoring, I’m not sure I want to be buying his goal minutes at around the 26/27 mark. I’d be more inclined to buy Santi Cazorla at 18 (Spreadex) as he is the top scorer for Arsenal this season and in a game where I expect the passing to be fluent from both teams and the tempo to be quite exciting, I think Santi will flourish in tonight’s environment.

Buying Arsenal corners supremacy at 2.5

In their previous fixture at Goodison back in November, Arsenal managed 12 shots in the game, with 9 on target, which is impressive given that they were away from home. There were 12 corners in that game, with each team getting 6 of them, and I think that with Arsenal being on home turf tonight, they will manage to pile on a lot more pressure on the Toffee’s during this outing, and they will enjoy the lion’s share of possession. With that possession comes an attacking mind-set, and I expect them to rack up 4 or 5 corners in the early stages of the game as they look to get the opener. I predict Arsenal will get between 4 and 5 more corners than their counterparts on the night.

So there you go. These selections aren’t going to make me rich, but I do think that I’ll be swanning around Temple Bar this weekend making it rain in the club, thanks to the leniency of the referee, the Santi Cazorla hat-trick, and the flurry of corners that the Gunners will get through the game.

Could be my last foray into spread-betting for a while if I mess this one up!

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