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Winter seems to have finally left these shores and summer seems just around the corner so what can we look forward to in this sporting summer. Well being an odd year there’s no major football event to kick back with a cool beer in the garden and revel in this summer.

Wimbledon, perhaps it’s about the only sport the missus will watch on the tele with me and could it finally be a British Men’s Winner or just the same old Scottish loser?

July brings the Australians to England for a test series, a fair few of my mates would love to offload the kids and spend day after day watching this. Not me I can stomach 20/20 but not a 5 day match that ends in a draw because it rains in the English summer. Hang on shortly after the first test finishes we have the The Open from Muirfield, oh I’d love to have my feet up watching the final round of this, please let it be and give us a Great British winner to boot.

After a break the Charity Shield kicks off the new footy season in August and it’ll most likely be a Manchester Derby with both teams eager to get the first bragging rights of the season and I’m predicting a Keegan v Bremner style Charity Shield bust up with at least 2 red cards in it.

How am I you’re asking? Well I seem stuck at 19 stone and will need to get off my a*** to get out of the obese category of the BMI but I’ll need to look good in my bikini this summer so will press on.

Any hoo in Arsenal v Everton tonight and I’m predicting a boring 0-0


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