Spread Betting on: Darts

Published On September 1, 2013 | By dominic | How Spread Betting Works

What is Darts Spread Betting?

Darts spread betting is betting on darts matches against a spread instead of betting on fixed odds. Markets include Total 180’s and Win Index.

Darts Spread Betting Markets

TOTAL 180′s

Taylor v Wade total 180’s

We make a prediction on the total amount of 180’s thrown by each player in a match

In this instance we might quote a spread of 7-10 180’s

Make-up result: 14 180’S= 14

If you bought at 10 you win 4 times your stake

If you sold at 7 you lose 7 times your stake


Mardle v Whitlock 25/0 win index

Winner= 25pts Loser=0pts

We might make a prediction that Whitlock will win, and quote a spread of 16-19

Make-up result: Whitlock wins=25

If you bought at 19, you win 6 times your stake

If you sold at 16, you lose 9 times your stake

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