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Published On December 23, 2013 | By dominic | Alex

A mixed weekend for the trading team at Star Spreads HQ. Here are 3 big losses and 3 big wins for the boys over the last two or three days:

5 Poor Results

1. Liverpool 3 v 1 Cardiff. Once again, punters couldn’t get enough of the Reds and their mercurial striker Luis Suarez. The buyers were out in force, and we were fearing the worst at half time, with Liverpool three goals to the good and Suarez already on 47 ‘goal minutes’. Fortunately, the home team didn’t score in the second half, and Cardiff even nicked one back to make the supremacy make-up a more manageable two goals. Still, we were left nursing a five-figure loss by the time everything was said and done.

2. India v South Africa (match drawn). It may well be hailed as the greatest ever draw in test cricket history (if not the greatest ever match), but our cricket traders were left counting the damage after 4th innings centuries for Du Plessis and De Villiers

3. Minnesota Vikings 14 @ 42 Cincinnati Bengals. We were stitched right up by the streaking Bengals, who dropped 42 on the hopeless Vikings. Shirts, points, yards, minutes… if you can thinik of it, we were short of it. A dreadful result.

5 Good Results

1. Southampton 2 v 3 Tottenham Hotspur. Rare indeed is the 3-2 football match that doesn’t cost spread layers, but our punters were so intent on taking on this beleagured Spurs side that we found ourselves counting the money after they came back to beat Southampton. New-manager-bounce? Regression-to-the-mean? Whatever caused it, the office was a happy place to be on Sunday afternoon (and not just because the boss is a Spurs fan).

2. Miami Dolphins 0 @ 19 Buffalo Bills. Low scoring game: check. Unfashionable team gets the win: check. Over-hyped talking horse shut out on the road: check. If only every match could be like this it would be an easy job.

3. Gloucester 12 v 6 Worcester. Only 18 points and not a try among them. Plenty of player-related gambles went astray here and we barely had to pay out a penny.

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