Cheltenham Wednesday

Published On March 12, 2014 | By David S | Star Spreads

Cheltenham proved costly for me yesterday and there was further damage inflicated in the Champions League last night.

Thankfully, Sunday’s decent profit subsidised my play to some degree but the distances make up of 9.8 was very disappointing and a net loss of 96 points with a further 14.5 points dropped on the football.


I’ll keep it brief again today….

I’m having two bets:


Buying distances AGAIN at 29.5. After yesterday I must be mad, but we got off to a great start yesterday with a six length winner and then it was a whole sequence of close finishes which is unusual. I’m still hoping we can get a couple of big distances today, one thing is for sure horses get ridden out all the way at Cheltenham !!


I’m buying goals at 3.45 between Barcelona and Man City in their second leg match tonight. Man City have plenty of work on but they face a Barcelona side who are a long way off their best. I’m also interested in buying bookings at 50 in this match.

RECOMMENDED BET (scale 1-10 points)

BUY DISTANCES AT CHELTENHAM for 5 points at around 29.5 with Star Spreads
BUY TOTAL GOALS BARCELONA v MAN CITY for 10 points at around 3.45 with Star Spreads
BUY BOOKINGS BARCELONA v MAN CITY for 10 points at around 50 with Star Spreads



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  • Please note the opinion, views and forecasts above are of the author and not of Star Spreads.

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