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Published On February 7, 2012 | By dominic | Alan

Rugby Gambling Advice from the Captain

This betting blog is going to swim against the tide this week and go with a team that suffered a heart-breaking loss last week. That’s right, I’m going to be patriotic and have a big bet on Ireland plus ten against France on Saturday.

I always like to look at “what ifs” in sport. What if Wales’ final kick hadn’t sailed over the crossbars? Ireland would have been 1-0 heading into a clash with the favourites. What would the line have been then? 8? 7? 6? Surely it wouldn’t have seen the green army laying double digits?

And yet all that’s caused the difference is a kick going over the posts or not (something that the Ireland team would have had no control over).

All the fallout has been over the RESULT. I’d rather look back at a match that the Irish dominated. The form book says they lost their opening match, but I see no reason to downgrade them in my power rankings.

France recorded an easy victory over 6 Nations punching bags Italy. I think we can take them on this weekend, especially as I often make them a lay due to their eye-catching style.

This isn’t a “maximum bet” style tip. I’m not actually the biggest fan of this Ireland team and certainly wouldn’t be backing them had they held on against Wales. But I think the market has made a savage overreaction to a close game and I will be helping myself to the ten points on offer this weekend.

Now this bet probably won’t be fun to watch; it’s never fun taking on the top teams (the “boats” as The Natural would say) but doing so is where the value lies. So be brave and stick with the boys in green.

Captain’s Big bet of the Week
Ireland + 10 (vs France)

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